Music I like. #4. Talk Talk.

I could go on – you might say “talk” even ho ho ho – for a long time about Talk Talk’s brilliant record from 1991, Laughing Stock. Talk Talk is one of those bands you hear name-dropped often, but just as easily dismiss. After recalling songs of theirs like “Life’s What You Make It” it’s pretty easy to dismiss them as an uninteresting, fairly rote New Wave band. To do that would be to do yourself a disservice, though, especially if you’re at all interested in post-rock as a genre.

Laughing Stock is a record that has been recreated many times over but never as captivatingly. It’s one of those albums that I’m so thankful I discovered because it’s become one of my favourite records of the 90s. It’s always a little sweeter when that occurs completely by surprise. This record is almost meditative and creates an all-encompassing sound that is other-worldly.

One of the most under-appreciated albums of all time. Ignore all you think you know about Talk Talk and listen to this record.


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