Music I like. #3. Madvillain.

I have intermittent periods where all I listen to is rap and hip hop music. I am an unashamed fan of the genres, and nothing irritates me more than narrow-minded (mostly always white) people who dismiss the genres out of hand. Where rock music stayed stagnant for the first part of the decade, and indie music crossed-over and 95% of it become hollow and dull-as in the second part of the decade, rap/hip hop progressed forward and produced so many classic albums that challenged not only the genre, but pushed the music envelope itself.

Madvillain’s 2004 album Madvillainy is one of the top 4 or 5 hip hop albums of the decade, in my opinion. And it’s definitely one of my favourite albums of all time. I remember reading somewhere – forget where – that this is a hip hop album with a punk aesthetic, which is such an incredible encapsulation of the feel of the album. Each song is lean, immaculately paced and no song ever overstays its welcome.

I’m a sucker for anything Madlib produces, so I’m partial to this album from the outset, but his combination with MF DOOM is seamless. In one sense it’s a shame they haven’t made another album under the Madvillain moniker (although one is expected this year), but it just seems to emphasise the way in which two forces came together at a perfect moment to produce a near-perfect album.

Can’t recommend the album highly enough.


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