Music I like. #2. Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy)

While he was known as Final Fantasy, I all-but ignored any of Pallett’s solo output (most people would have incidentally heard his work for popular acts like Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire) . This is despite his moniker being a reference to one of my most-loved video game series’ of my childhood/adolescence. Initially, when I saw ‘Final Fantasy’ showing up on sites like, I figured it was japanese uber-n3rdz listening to Final Fantasy, the game, OSTs. People probably do listen to those as well, as the FF soundtracks were always oddly affecting. There’s one from FFVIII where Squall enters some seaside town that still sticks with me.

Anyway… It’s a shame I ignored Pallett for so long, because, as belated as it is, I am loving his album from 2010, Heartland. The video speaks for itself, but anyone who likes the idea of tastefully violin’d pop music should give it a listen.



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  1. bbop

    Wow, I love the sound

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