I blog now.

I’m not sure why I started this blog. I know I can’t pay attention to anything for more than five minutes. Sometimes though, I want to write things. Things longer than 140 characters. I’m not sure if I care if no one reads the blog at all. Although, that’d be nice. I’m also not sure if I’ve got anything to say. But, I think I do.

As cliché as it is, I’m an Arts/Law grad with no idea what he wants to do when he grows up. Something, hopefully. Something would be nice. I’m unemployed you see. I’ve been clinging onto the “grad” label for some time. But, I think now I’m just unemployed. Is that bad? I’m not sure. Sometimes I think it is. I don’t look down on others who are, though. Maybe I’m harder on myself, maybe it’s just that I feel I’m wasting my privileged opportunities.

I’m going to blog on things that interest me. My interests are pretty broad, I’m not one of those people who focuses on one thing and dives into it. The topic of my posts will change regularly, but there will be a consistent theme, I hope. I think Grog’s Gamut the other day said that to maintain an audience you need to be consistent. They need to know what they’re going to get and when. He’s a pretty successful blogger. And, I guess I want an audience. Don’t we all?

But, I’m not going to be consistent. I’ll be long-winded. Then short. I’ll be blogging on Levinasian philosophy then posting incoherently on some football match in Spain. This is first and foremost a hobby and I don’t want it to dictate what I want to write about.

Nevertheless, there are topics I will fairly consistently blog on.

Politics. I’m a member of the Greens (though not overly active, nor a disciple). I’ll be blogging on Australian politics from that perspective. I’ve loved politics since I was very young. I think I saw as a bit like sport when I was a child. I remember sitting in front of the television – on my own – in my parent’s room watching what I’m guessing was the 1996 election (when I was 10) cheering on the ALP as if it was a footy game. My parents both voted ALP at the time, so I “rooted” for them. It’s too long ago to remember if I had any views of my own back then, but I did form my own views quite early. From high school onwards, politics has been a vehicle for my love of arguing. I love a good argument. Well, til I get bored. But, I like others to know what I think. Maybe that’s arrogant. It’s not consciously so, but it probably is.

Political theory/philosophy. My Arts degree was a major in Political Science (oh how I hate that term – a blog for another day perhaps?). I mainly focused on political theory and ethical philosophy in my degree, mostly ignoring less esoteric courses like IR etc. My main areas of interest are Levinasian ethics and postmodern philosophy. So I’ll blog often about people like Levinas, Derrida, Baudrillard, Foucault, etc.

Music. Another cliché coming up. I like a lot of music…all the good stuff…etc. I listen to a lot of hip hop and what I guess you’d call “indie” though that term has been pretty well bastardised right now. If you know your Madvillain’s from your Dirty Three’s you’ll be in the ballpark.

Sport. I’m a pretty mad sports fan, though I’ve cut down in recent years. I mostly just follow football (soccer to the nonbelievers) and cricket now. Villarreal CF and Brisbane Roar are who I follow most closely football wise.

That’s it, I suppose.

Oh! The title of the blog etc. It’s a portion of a quote from Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov. Emmanuel Levinas is fond of quoting it. The full quote is:

‘[e]ach one of us is guilty before everyone, for everyone and for each one, and I more than others.’

I wrote an Honours thesis last year on Levinasian philosophy. I’ll blog about it later, but that quote has always stuck with me for a number of reasons. I originally wanted to name it “A Place in the Sun” which sounds a bit lame, I admit, but also has meaning to me. It is a quote from Pascal and forms the epigraph to Levinas’s masterpiece Totality and Infinity.

Enough for now.


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